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To help people find significant changes to the pages on vitamin D, other nutrients, immunity and COVID-19, here is a list of updates with the latest at the end.

From 2020-01-31 in the (members only) Quillette Circle, I discussed the coronavirus, mainly in a long-running thread .

Around 2020-03-23 I sent a a long HTML email to the WHO STAG-IH (../#pep-talk) and various MDs, public health officials etc. about vitamin D and boron to reduce inflammation and what I referred to as sepsis caused by COVID-19.  This email grew over the days.   Then, on 2020-03-27 I established this web page, and wrote to more people pointing them to it.  I got no significant responses.

Over the months to late July I added several other pages.  This one still exists, but is updated or really part of the main body of material.  I may remove it:


There are also some outrigger pages - my term for a page which extends a particular part of a main page, without linking to or being linked to from other pages:

kd/ (Kawasaki disease articles.)

The satellite pages link between each other and the main page:

kna/  (Potassium and sodium.)

In early July I made a separate site http://researchveracity.info regarding fake articles.

In mid July I established the NISH mailing list:


Added the D3 supplementation guide, linked to prominently as the first item from the main cv19 page.

This was followed by a Latest Research section linking to other parts of the main and icu pages.

Added a few items to the d3 page concerning children, pregnancy and people with gastric bypass surgery.
cv19/ On the main cv19 page, the first item is still a link to the d3 page, but the second item is now a link to Karl Pfleger's excellent essay, followed by my attempt at summarising the need for global vitamin D supplementation.  I also mention omega 3s, boron, vitamin C and potassium.  The research links follow.
cv19/ cv19/#2020-UK-vit-D-BAME now has a link to the Very High Prevalence of 25-hydroxyvitamin D Deficiency in n 6433 UK South Asian adults: analysis of the UK Biobank Cohort article and a graphic I adapted from it.  The graphic includes the URL of Karl Pfleger's essay. 
cv19/ cv19/#az-trial links to the Arizona State University trial of supplemental vitamin D and COVID-19 severe symptoms.
icu/#2020-Bilezikian  New review article "Vitamin D and COVID-19".  Updated the material on Paul Marik MD and put it all in the icu page.

Took the 3 reasons material out of the d3 page into its own.  Improved the d3 page with a new section at the end regarding the desirability of taking D3 supplements towards the end of a meal containing some fat.
2020-08-28 cv19/ Added a section cv19/#mn-xover liking to the piece I wrote as a comment to a Quillette article, arguing why the lull in new COVID-19 cases per day since about April-May is not herd immunity, but is primarily the effects of the summer peak in vitamin D levels reducing both severity and the number of viruses shed - and so greatly reducing the transmission rate.  Later updated this to mention positive antibody tests potentially adding to "new cases" when the person was infected months before.
2020-08-29 cv19/ Added write-ups of new articles on vitamin D in COVID-19 patients in southern England cv19/#2020-Baktash and on the B vitamins: cv19/#2020-Shakoor .  Added some notes on higher levels of vitamin D (I assume) reducing viral shedding.
2020-08-31 cv19/ The cv19#vaccines section used to be relatively short and focused on antibodies not lasting very long.  I replaced it with a longer section which considers longer lasting immunity from memory cells and some of the many difficulties devising a safe, effective, vaccine which does not cause ADE.  At the end is a comparison table between an ideal, easy, vaccine program and my proposed vitamin D repletion plan.   Word tells me that the main page is now 47,000 words.
2020-08-02 cv19/ Added sections for the cv19/#2020-Castillo Cordoba 25OHD calcifediol supplementation trial and the Tehran study of 25OHD levels for COVID-19 negative and positive patients: cv19/#2020-Mardani  .
2020-08-10 cv19/ Updated the cv19/#mn-xover with a current "daily new cases" graph and with a 7 day rolling average graph of deaths for the same countries, which is flat, in contrast to the rising "daily cases".  "Daily new cases" in France is more than it was at the peak of the first wave - though this was in the early days of testing.

Linked to https://www.powerofd.org with a note about the fake graph.

Added a new section cv19/#vitd-autocrine , after cv19/#vitd-basics , giving a complete description of autocrine signaling with vitamin D. 
2020-08-12 cv19/ Added sections on Milan research into 25OHD levels and COVID-19 severity cv19/#2020-Gennari and on Dr Fauci taking vitamins D and C cv19/#Fauci .

I created a new, shorter, website: https://VitaminDStopsCOVID.info .
cv19/ New sections for the Indian bolus D3 dosing article cv19/#2020-Rastogi and my idea for a Double Whammy bolus D3 + 0.5mg 25OHD approach to treating COVID-19 really quickly.

Also added mention of obesity downregulating 25-hydroxylase in the obesity/ page.
cv19/ Combination therapy updated and renamed 25plusD3: cv19/#25plusD3I did not realise until 2020-11-27 that the MATH+ protocol involved 25OHD calcifediol OR bolus D3.  The 2020-11-12 version of the protocol stated this, but its PDF file date was 2020-11-14.   I recall looking at the protocol on about that date in Australia, so I guess it was uploaded a little later.
cv19/ Added summary of Indian hospital study with two groups - asymptomatic at admission and those admitted to ICU: cv19/#2020-Jain .
cv19/ Added new graph to cv19/#2020-Israel .  Added new section cv19/#2020-Jain .   Removed the text from the cv19/#vitd-autocrine section and made it link to an almost all new section at the new website: https://VitaminDStopsCOVID.info/02-autocrine/ .
cv19/ Revised the cv19/#25plusD3 section to mention the MATH+ protocol now using 25OHD calcifediol OR bolus D3.  I also greatly revised the infographic based on the patent graph because I had thought that the graph depicted the results of a single 0.266mg capsule, when in fact it was for two capsules, exactly as used in Cordoba and now recommended in MATH+. 
Added link to Catalan, Spain, research into BMI, obesity and COVID-19.
2020-12-05 cv19/ Added summary of the Parviz Afshar et al. article from Iranian MDs in Dubai, UAE.

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